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 Mpumalanga: The home of Africa’s 
largest green hydrogen power 

Hydrogène De France (HDF) is a French Independent Power Producer specialising in hydrogen-power. HDF has expanded its operations into the Southern African market, demonstrating a strong commitment to contributing to South Africa's energy needs. The cornerstone of this commitment is the recent launch of six projects under the banner of Renewstable® Mpumalanga (RMPU). These six projects represent a significant step forward in South Africa's pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

What sets RMPU apart is its focus on renewable electricity baseload power plants. This is a strategic move that addresses a key challenge associated with renewable energy sources – their intermittency. By prioritizing non-intermittent power generation, RMPU ensures a stable and reliable energy supply for South Africa. This approach not only enhances energy security but also facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources into the country’s energy mix. This, in turn, contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with South Africa’s climate ambitions.


HDF Energy is a leading global player in the hydrogen industry, dedicated to developing large-scale hydrogen infrastructure and advanced multi-megawatt fuel cell technology. Its primary focus lies in decarbonising the power, heavy mobility and industrial sectors with cutting-edge H2 solutions.


With its flagship model, the Renewstable® turnkey hydrogen power plant, HDF Energy delivers green, stable, and baseload power by seamlessly integrating intermittent renewable energy sources with substantial on-site energy storage in the form of green hydrogen. Backed by a team of hydrogen infrastructure experts with a decade of hands-on technical experience across the entire value chain, HDF Energy has already built an important portfolio of projects in advanced stages of development.


Furthermore, HDF Energy stands out with its technological know-how in the development of multi-MW fuel cells.  In 2024, the Group will start mass production at its state-of-the-art factory near Bordeaux. HDF Energy’s fuel cells will be integrated into hydrogen power plants, freight locomotives and vessels.


Headquartered in France, HDF Energy has regional offices in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and Oceania with +30 nationalities among its staff. Since 2021, the Group has been listed on the Euronext Paris stock market, member of the Euronext Tech Leaders segment. With a dedicated team and an innovative, green baseload solution, HDF is excited to expand its footprint into the well-suited region of Mpumalanga in South Africa.

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