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Operating as an independent power producer (IPP), HDF is developing a utility-scale Renewstable® power plant in Mpumalanga, South Africa. This is a modular, scalable, and ready to be deployed power solution that is leveraging South Africa’s strong renewable energy offering and available land to deploy what could be the largest green hydrogen power plant in the world. Renewstable® power plants combine renewable energy generation, electrolysis, massive green hydrogen storage, fuel cells manufactured by HDF Energy, and lithium-ion batteries.
Those technologies are well known but newly combined to obtain a bankable, modular, scalable, and ready to be deployed power solution.


The solar park produces non-polluting electricity when the sun is shining. One part of this energy is injected directly into the power grid, while another part is stored in batteries and in the form of hydrogen.


Battery storage enables energy to be restored to maintain the power plant's production over a short period of time, for example when a cloud passes overhead.


Hydrogen is produced from water via an electrolyser (water electrolysis).


The produced hydrogen is stored as a gas in large tanks.

Electricity is generated from the stored hydrogen using high-power fuel cells, developed and manufactured by HDF Energy. It is injected in the power grid when the sun isn’t shining over the long term (long cloud cover, night).

This integration is made possible through HDF's advanced energy management system, which orchestrates when to charge or discharge the batteries and when to generate or consume hydrogen. The result is an uninterrupted supply of cost competitive green electricity available 24/7, perfectly tailored to meet grid requirements and saving thousands of tons of CO2 annually.

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 about hydrogen technology 

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Hydrogen technology has been around since the 19th century. This technology is well-known for being proven and non-polluting. HDF works exclusively with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen energy systems. 


The long-term hydrogen storage technology is based on the water cycle: it consists in breaking down a water molecule (H2O) and then recomposing it. The system only emits oxygen and water. It contains no chemicals, therefore there are no harmful emissions or pollutants.

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